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** Indicates one of my personal favorites
# Indicates a story that spans time periods

** # Operating System (3,700)
          A progress through Sherlock’s hard drive


** # From this day forward (1,700)
In which a wedding nearly occurs... and is caught on tape
# Farmaguth (1000)
The Case of Sylvia Cynthia Grenville (500)
Sherlock takes on a missing persons case
How many licks... (100)1 April, 1983 (200)
Mycroft’s morning
London, 14 January, 1987 (100)
The Family Doctor (100)
Timeless Requiem (100)
# What Real People Have (1300)
What Sherlock has in his real life.


XOXO (100)
Cougar (100)
Happy New Year (100)
Chaconne (100)
"Slows me down" (100)
Engaged (530)
Dinner Conversation
Watching You (100)
Double Trouble (100)
# What Real People Have (1300)
What Sherlock has in his real life.
# Farmaguth (1000)
My Mistress' Eyes (200)
...are nothing like the sun
Dear John (100)
Ragged lives invisibly repaired (600)
Mrs. Hudson's backstory


# What Real People Have (1300)
What Sherlock has in his real life.
Potential (100)
# John Hates Mornings (700)
Sans Voir (co-written with [info]capt_facepalm) (15,500)
When John finds out that Jefferson Hope, the taxi driver, did not have an aneurism, he fears that there might be a larger game afoot.  But who are the players?  And what is the prize?
Risk (55)
Lucky (100)
Tea with Mrs. Turner (100)
The Worst (100)
Molly (100)
That No One Will Hear (100)
The Expendables (100)
Famished (100)
Without a Clue-do (450)
Sherlock plays Cluedo
Fun and Games with Sherlock (663)
What it says on the tin
Better to Give (100)
“Roast at 190C, Gas Mark 4 for 100 minutes” (100)
Playing (100)
OTP (100)
A Quiet Night In (A long time ago) (800)
John and Lestrade have a Star Wars marathon.
like mastodons calling across primeval swamps (200)
Forty Winks (100)
The Adventure of the Second Stain (600)
My First (real) Fangirl (100)
Captain Stall (101)
One Eye in the Mirror (100)
Plane Crash in Cornwall -- Police Suspect Foul Play (100)
Entertaining Angels (450)
Some time after The Reichenbach Fall John visits his doctor, and gets an irritating locum instead
# Farmaguth (1000)
Boxing Day (900)
Subverting the hurt/comfort genre one Sherlock story at a time
Visiting Hours (1300)
Five unwelcome well-wishers, and one welcome
Allegorical (100)
Catharsis (100)
6:37 AM (500)
An early morning crime scene
Whose fault is it, anyway? (100)
Branding (100)
Blinded by the light, or the case of the Detective's bleeding ears (100)
Comfortable (100)
Comments on a blog entry (221)
Why talk to the other person in the flat when you could communicate electronically?
Getting Better (100)
**Arch-Enemy (2900)
          Mycroft's title of "arch-enemy" is well deserved
**One Step Ahead (3,500)
John hadn’t heard from Sherlock once while he was visiting Bill in Cardiff... and when he opened the door to 221 Baker Street, he found Mrs. Hudson in tears.
We know the game (500)
Internet memes...
** # From this day forward (1,700)
In which a wedding nearly occurs... and is caught on tape
Would I Lie to You? (200)
What is that thing anyway?
In the Nick of time... ...Or Not (200)
One scene.  Two perspectives.
From Another Street (100)
Undercover Surveillance (100)
The Final Straw (again) (100)
Orders (100)
Recall (100)
Reading (100)
Past Perfect (100)
LOL (100)
Scene (100)
See Enclosed (200)
An odd phobia
Simple (100)
Some Dissembly Required (1800)
Update of IDEN
Tea and Sympathy (221)
Hurt/Comfort--Sherlock Style!
Tra la! (700)
Sherlock wakes up slowly


Commitment (100)
I Should've Known Better (100)
Dull-sensed (100)
Phantom Touch (520)
Phantom Touch is continued experience of sensations and presence of a missing limb often occurring after amputation; it is frequently referred to as a phantom limb. (Scholarpedia)

Information Restore

Emergency Contact (100)
Seasons (100)
The Adventure of... (80)
# John Hates Mornings (700)
Whatever is Fickle (2100)
Sherlock and John aren't in London anymore!
Sussex Downs Cottage, 4 April, 2051, 10:46AM (25)
The Buzz (221)


And So Hold On (1,000)
Sherlock remembers a long-deleted poem.
# John Hates Mornings (700)
A Great Escape (100)
Apostrophe (100)

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